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Today I would like to introduce you to a new app wowapp that is a great alternative of skype, whatsapp and facebook messenger, as a simple explaining it is the combination of Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, their business model is similar to TSU’s revenue sharing that are being generated from the AD revenues. Wowapp is invite only network and if you would like to join wowapp messenger you need to find a wowapp invitation If I did read it correct they are backed up with 30 million Euros investment(capital), the source was a Romanian website, it is a very simple and smooth app, haven’t noticed any bugs or lags.

Network and earnings are working like Tsu model, you can earn from 8 levels down, I could not find the exact percentage of who gets(shares) in what scale but it seems it is working. They have ranks with different color of feathers and only first level recruits are being counted towards the ranks. So as a summary if you only recruit 1 person on your own even though that person recruits millions of people you still will not be able to reach the “silver feather” which requires 2 first level connection(2 direct recruits)

They are highlighting all of the user’s invitation on the homepage, but in order to show up on their homepage you have to enable one setting which is something like this : “allow users to join in my network” so you can get random recruits from the homepage.This will enable you to spread you wowapp invitation with ease.United States users are getting crowded rapidly so if you want to show up on the homepage and be able to get some recruits you must stay active on the app in daily basis. This is also written in the website and you can find it by exploring their website after signing up.

Wowapp is an invite only network and I would like to share my wowapp invitation if you would like to sign up under my network, it is highly appreciated if you do so. I only used it for 25 days so far and daily revenue average for my network + my own effort is bringing around 60-70 cents. I now have more than 50 direct recruits which resulted total of more than 600 people with their own efforts, also the earnings section is not the dollar amount, it is called “wowcoins” I have 1200 wow coins now and it converts to 12 dollars. Every coin is worth 1 cents.

Here is the wowapp invitation if you would consider to join wowapp :


Or simply click the picture below to join wowapp 

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