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Tsu.co is the fastest growing social media network and tsu users have their own invitation to invite their friends to the platform. Every tsu user have an invitation and it is their profile link which could easily be located from their profile. TSU.co is basically  a revenue sharing platform and simply explaining TSU would be that they share 90 percent of the ad revenues with tsu users. Tsu itself only keeps 10 percent from the overall revenue.

Tsu is not any different than Facebook or Google plus and the interaction between the tsu users is very high and sincere, most of the early  tsu users are trying so hard to produce unique and one of a kind content to share it with their friends and followers and most of the content is related to tsu itself  to improve tsu experience. If you would like to give it a shot and see it for yourself here is your invitation to join TSU : https://www.tsu.co/Authicle If you decide to join Tsu with my invitation please feel free to send me a friend request after you sign up, I will be happy to accept your friend request and you will start seeing my posts instantly after you join in my network.

I have been using TSU since October 22 and so far my TSU bank has 150 dollars in it and I could have withdrawn the money around 35-40 days ago when I have reached 100 dollar mark, but I wanted to keep the money in my TSU account to advertise my website as a sponsored post in Tsu.co.

www.tsumatic.com is a free platform where tsu users can advertise their profile links to be possibly found by their future children, signing up and using Tsumatic is entirely free and you do not have to use your tsu password for tsumatic, and we highly suggest you to try to choose entirely different password for your account. If you would like choose your invitation or if you would like to advertise your TSU short code to be found please go to Tsumatic.com and register your tsu profile link.


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