is tsu worth it

Is TSU worth it? For your time, for your effort? Is Tsu a scam? Well,thankfully it’s not! I will be happy to give you some insights and ideas about new revolutionary social network TSU. Tsu is one of the newest and most dynamic social network which pays its users for the content they share or create.

Tsu is working with the invitation method. In order for someone to join the platform they need to be invited, there is no straight sign up form on TSU itself. But invitations are all over and if you would love to join TSU please feel free to use my invitation.

Now let’s come to the point, Is tsu worth it? Well it really depends, because all you need to do is to invest your time for long term results. Tsu is not requiring any money to join or use their platform and its not any short from facebook or Google plus when it comes to share your post and engage with people. Of course Facebook and Google Plus is way more well maintained comparing to TSU but hey this network is only 1 month old! Not to mention they had the biggest impact on convincing 1 million people to join within 1 month. It’s almost a never seen before type deal for a social media website.

Tsu is working and its creating revenue for its users, its not a joke or scam it’s very well working. There are users that they claimed their first check and so close to get their second check. I am about to issue my first check from TSU within 2 weeks or so, its not a lie or cheat, my bank has almost 69 dollars as I am writing this post and my daily income is between 1.50 and 2.50 dollars.There are 2 key points that you need to consider, first you need to invite as many people as possible to build a reputable network, and secondly you need to share original and good content to attract people. First one may not be appealing to you because its kind of hard to build, but if you are genuine person you can definitely create a unique and good content for your readers and get paid for the effort you put into.

Whole point of me writing this post is whether if TSU worth your time or not! Well you have spent several years on Facebook or Google or Twitter without getting paid. So why not give TSU a try and do the same exact thing that you have been doing over years , post stuff, make comments or like posts. This is what exactly is TSU all about! Tsu is worth your time, engagement is high, people are interacting with each other, they are keen to make a comment or share your post to make better revenue. People are getting paid for the time that they enjoy spending. It’s your decision to make but I can assure you that there is really nothing to lose on Tsu other than your time which all of us spend that time on social media without getting paid.

If you join the platform please try to get idea about how to utilize it to the most for your own benefit, dont spam or try to cheat the system , just try to choose yourself a niche and stick with it. Write a good unique posts and engage with people. The most shared topics on TSU so far is either bank numbers or How to grow your network, I do provide both informations and I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Here is my invitation again if you decided to use TSU and please say hi after you sign up and let me know, I will be happy to be your very first friend on the platform.


Additional Note : After you sign up on TSU if you need an additional free platform to promote your TSU short code Tsumatic is a Free platform , you can advertise your TSU profile for free and possibly gain children and grow your network. I am the founder of the website and if you have any questions please feel free to reach me at Tsu under the name@authicle or from the contact page of Tsumatic.

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