how to gain tsu childrenHow to gain Tsu Children?

Already joined TSU and you are looking to expand your network ? And you have no idea about How to gain TSU children? Well I have good news for you, today I will introduce you to a platform where you can advertise your TSU shortcode for FREE!

First of all if you dont have a TSU account yet please sign up on TSU.co first, and revolutionary social network TSU only accepts new users with the invitation and please feel free to use my invitation to join the platform, here is your invitationhttps://www.tsu.co/Authicle

Now if you already settled with your account and got used to the platform before you get so busy chasing followers  I would highly recommend you to start expanding your network. There are lots of people like yourself are looking for an invitation to join to the platform and those people will become your children forever if they choose to use your invitation to join to the platform. And I will not go to the detailed explanation of financial side of  how important having children is but I just want to give a one sentence example : Any amount of money that your children makes you get 1/3 of it forever.

You may not have a large audience in another networks, and you may have hard time to convince your FB friends to join the platform with your code , but your only option is NOT your friends, there are other ways to gain children on your network and one of these ways is a free platform to advertise your Tsu shortcode and it is : Tsumatic.com

Tsumatic.com is a platform where you can advertise your shortcode for FREE and you have 24 free chances per day to push your profile all the way up to top spot throughout the day. It will not cost you a single dime as long as if you want to use Tsumatic.com for FREE. As long as you are using TSU just keep another TAB open in your browser for Tsumatic and check your profile each hour and whenever the countdown timer resets to ZERO click Boost My Profile button and you will be all the way up!

Why should you try Tsumatic.com?

Well if you have lots of channels to promote your own short code to gain children then Tsumatic may not sound a great opportunity to you. In other hand if you had that much network power in your hands you would not be reading this article right now, would you? And again Tsumatic.com is a FREE platform and in free platforms there is really nothing possibly you can lose! But if you sign up today and stay active on tsumatic you can possibly gain TSU children with least effort, and once you set up your account and bio section its all about clicking the FREE button over and over again, its really all about 1 click.

Thank you so much for reading, and if you decide to join Tsumatic.com please click HERE and create your profile today. If you would like to find out about news and updates I would recommend you to follow @authicle and @tsumaticdotcom accounts on TSU for instant updates.

Also if you have any questions about Tsumatic or expanding your network please contact with the names above from the platform, you can simply send a private message or even drop a comment in one of our related posts on TSU.