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Tsu.co is one of the newest social media website where you can share pictures, videos, music, status updates and get paid for the content that you share. Simplest way of explaining TSU would be : It’s a social media platform which shares %90 of ads revenue with its users whom generated the content. It’s fairly a new website and it gets tons of attention from early adopters and its growing rapidly day by day.
Some of the users already started to create income for their content. Some of the new users are still trying to figure their way out to reach the top part of the network and willing to see some income in their end as well. Tsu.co already ranks below 4000 all over the united states and its rank getting better daily. Most of the new users finding themselves spending several hours per day to create content or try to find out more about the network by watching to see how it exactly works.
Most important part for success in TSU.co is to have as many as children possible and grow your network to the widest. Phrase “children” refers to people whom got invited by you to the platform. Since its a very new website and only way to join is to to be invited that means everybody  is pretty much someone’s children one way or other. As the website grows its getting harder for users to find someone who has not joined to the platform yet. And the invitations are getting more and more important(to the sender) since there are so many people out there who has invitation and they would want any new member to join the network under their shortcode(invitation)
Most people whom uses TSU.co is trying to advertise their links inside of the platform and it mainly does not mean anything. Only person who can see the content of the website is the users and if you are already a user that means you are already a child of someone. So the link that you are seeing on the comments or status updates are not helping anyone at all.
Today I would love to introduce you to a new platform where people can advertise their shortcodes for free of charge. Tsumatic.com is a brand new fresh website where users can sign up with their shortcode and advertise their profile to the people who are looking to get invitation. It’s prety simple and you are not being asked so many questions to fill out. New users are going to be showing up starting from the first picture of the website and as the new members come they will be pushed down a little bit moment by moment. But that does not mean that you can not rank high in the first page of search results again, Tsumatic thought about the fairest way to rank profiles in its system and its based on users effort. everyone has same exact chance to be shown in the first column first picture of the website daily tens of times. As long as you are willing to rank high on the fist page its under your decision and power so you can make it happen. Also Tsumatic.com will not be using rating or liking system to rank users. Ranking or liking systems are fairly easy to be manipulated by people who does not want to see you in the first page. If they are competitor they might try every way to drop down your rank, but in Tsumatic.com you are the only one who is in charge of your own rankings.
Tsumatic is going to be your place where you can advertise your invitation code as long as Tsu.co is alive, up and running. And there will be always someone out there looking for an invitation for TSU, and if you try to stay in the search results of tsumatic your chances are high to be found with your invitation code as a parent. And once again as much as you are willing to put effort on your Tsumatic profile chances are you are definitely going to be found by many users through the time and you will be growing your network with the people whom used your code to join TSU.co.
If you already have a TSU.co account now please go to Tsumatic.com and sign up for your life time free advertisement platform for your Tsu invitation. And if you havent joined tsu.co yet feel free to use my invitation code from here >>> www.tsu.co/authicle  and afterwards please dont forget to join TSUmatic.com and start advertising your own code. Tsumatic.com will not remain as a invitation code list or directory , as the time passes there will be some cool features to make life easier for TSU.co users. And you will be able to find users in ease. If you also would love to follow me on TSU.co here is my shortcode www.tsu.co/authicle , feel free to follow me to find out about the news and updates regarding to Tsumatic.com.
Thank you so much, for reading, see you all there on Tsumatic.com