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Tsu.co is the social media platform which pays it’s users for the content they create, the only way to join Tsu.co is to be invited to the platform. Tsu invitation is free and you need to be invited in order to create your profile and start using network. You can start using platform by creating your profile under my Tsu invitation here > www.tsu.co/Authicle , if you also would like to follow and friend me please feel free to do so.

Tsu network grows rapidly and you would not want to pass on this chance, try to take advantage by being an early adopter and try to invite as many people as you can before all your friends sign up under someone else’s invitation. Growing your network in early stages is fairly easy since everybody is looking to follow people or make friends, but as the days go by this will become harder and harder after everybody reaches some sort of follower base.

Dont be late, get your free tsu invitation from the following link > www.tsu.co/Authicle and start building your own network by inviting your friends and family. After you create your profile your username will become your own tsu invitation, after you get your own username(shortcode) Tsu invitation try to post it in different network to get your friends attention and try to have them sign up under your name. The people who sign under your name will become and remain your children in the TSU universe.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions, after you sign up under my TSU invitation please feel free to send me a private message from Tsu.