breaking bad best momentsBreaking Bad Best Moments – The Evolution of Walter White

Today I would like to take some time and write about Breaking Bad Fans and try to clear out some facts. Two of my previous articles I have written about Breaking Bad Fly episode specifically, since then I am still receiving some funny comments regarding my articles and I was being accused to not knowing what I am talking about. Breaking Bad is really one of greatest TV-Show but I was not targeting the show itself. Fly episode articles can be found from following links Breaking Bad Fly Worst Episode and Breaking Bad Worst Episode Fly.

I do understand that you can be a fan of something(anything) but that should never get your eyes blinded. You can love Breaking Bad with your all heart, I am admitting that its really one of my best favorite show but what I don’t understand is what makes you think that I would have to be one of the blind fans like as you are! I am giving highest credit to the show and characters but still I am in the same mind set that Breaking Bad Fly is the worst episode of the series. Nothing has happened in that episode! Please stop cheating yourself with the lie of character development!! Yes if we are talking about the character development of the FLY insect itself yes you are hundred percent right! It was a great episode about Flies! ? If Breaking Bad FLY episode was a documentary in the National Geographic you would be totally right about talking character development! We had to watch that every angle that Fly flown into!  In the previous articles I was pointing out some facts about how our time was being stolen with a filler episode but hardcore BB Fans still think that FLY is one of the best episode of Breaking Bad.

With today’s article I wanted to post a video from YouTube named : The Evolution of Walter White, I have watched this short summary of Breaking Bad best moments and it deserves the biggest credit. The creator of the video really took so much time to create this masterpiece. It almost does not have any time waster moment, its full of action and great to watch. So with this share I hope hardcore BB fans would give me more credit about my previous articles and finally understand that I am not against this show by any means. Thank you! Hope you enjoy the video!

The Evolution of Walter White

Image Credit : Darren O’Hehir