circle share inclusionRecently I have been receiving questions that some people were not able to see themselves in my circles, so I wanted to write the most common reasons cause you to not to be included in my circles here so we can clear the things up.

Here are the facts what kicks you out of Authicle Circle Share

1) If you have an adult content, hate speech, racism, fake woman with cleavage picture on the profile or any related unwanted behavior then you should not bother following the steps because you will not make into my circles. If you made it in our circles somehow by showing yourself a good boy but lately if you have changed pictures or behavior you will be kicked out sooner or later.

2) Have you checked that if you are following Auth Icle ? If not, you should because its number one step in the script. And please don’t make me feel that I am writing that much script for myself. Everything is written in the script is for you guys. I want to give as much as information possible to get rid of any kind of confusion. And also please dont think ” Hey why should I follow Auth Icle since he is not making the circles, the page of Authicle Circle prepare the circles! Authicle Circle is not a robot! Its managed by Auth Icle . So please show your respect(appreciation) by following the simple steps.

3) Have you checked that if you are following Authicle Circle ? If not you should! Because in order for me to share you in my circles I HAVE TO follow you and keep you in my circles. Unless you are Bill Gates or Larry Page and etc you have to follow me because I think nobody is cool(myself include) enough in G+ to not to follow someone who they are getting benefit from. If your reason is to not to follow me : Hey all you share is circles and I don’t want you to take space in my stream, then guess what? If you think what I am doing here is Crap Work then feel free to remove me and please don’t get involved with my circle shares!

4) Give +1 to the Authicle Circle page, that way we will have enough proof for the newbies about what we are doing here is valuable. Numbers mean everything to change people’s mind. This step is not so easy for me to follow up with, but I do appreciate all who follows the steps properly.

5) Share the post publicly! Yes its written in the steps! Some people are sharing it to the communities where there is just 10-15 people in. So just sharing our circles to the limited communities will not get you into our circles. I mainly prefer it to be shared in your own profile! But if you have a community where there is at least 500 active users then go for it.

6) All my previous posts are updated with the most current information about ongoing Vol number. Some of you guys are sharing Vol 20 while we are promoting Vol 23. So I am so sorry but I will not consider your share. Because Vol 20 was promoted and shared maybe a week ago. Its done and gone! I am really doing my best to keep my page updated and if you still ended up in my previous posts I can really not help it! The best way is to come to my page find the latest post about circle share and follow the steps there. Its really easy.

7) When I say : Please mention your friends name in the comments section I dont mean : Hey write your friends name so I can add them! No! Its wrong! They have to acknowledge their name is mentioned and come to our post and follow the steps properly. So just to get rid of the confusion : Mentioning their names help us to get their attention, thats it! It wont get them into our circles until they finish all the steps.

8) Just dropping a “Thank you” comment will not get you into my circles. As I stated before all the steps needs to be followed and completed. If you think that your precious profile would turn into a garbage by sharing and don’t like to share the BLUE circles in your page I do apologize but I honestly DON’T WANT to help you to get more followers. Its so simple : Bring value to the table and let me offer you more value. But if you are not willing to bring any value unfortunately you wont be getting any benefit from Auth Icle

9) If you have 2 pages A(main) and B(just for circles) and if you are sharing my circles from your B page then it means your B page will be included to my circle. I am so sorry but you can not benefit for your A page! Please do NOT ASK and dont be sneaky!

10) Some people get free access to my circles(not all of them). Every other day before I close my current Vol I am checking my circlecount account to find out that who have shared me in their circles! These people are the people who have promoted me without me taking any action for their circles. So they are getting same benefit from me in return. But there is just one simple condition for this situation. The circle that they have shared has to make at least 50 re-shares. So that being said if the circle made at least 50 re-shares it means his/her circles brought me new followers for sure. But the circles with 0 or most 5-10 re-shares obviously will not bring any value.

11) Some valuable people has free access to all my circles and the reasons are: Number one : I like the way how they work and stand in G+, number two : I am following their simple rules. There is a valuable blogger Randy Hilarski who writes an article weekly about most successful circle shares and he has some simple steps to follow in order to make it into his articles. Simple rule : He has to be added to the circle. He very well deserves to be added into my circles since whenever our circle reaches success it means we all will be promoted by him in his articles. Why I wrote this example was to show you there are some simple steps from different people, and I as Auth Icle following their rules as well. Because I know they will definitely be bringing value to our work

I hope I did not offend anyone with this article, I just wanted to write about it and clear the things up. Nobody was specifically targeted here. At least if some of you guys reads this article maybe you would think that I am really trying my hardest to help myself and help you guys all together. I am sure that nobody thinks what we are doing here is Garbage. Because within less than 2 months we have proved our circle shares and its definitely bringing new followers to each profile.

None of the things written above are coming from my pride or ego, please dont think that I am a guy who is full of EGO. No I am not, I am just helping myself to get followers and you guys are getting benefit from the situation as much as I do. This Circle Shares are Win-Win situation. I am the guy who works in your service in return of gaining your respect and appreciation and by the time being of course we all get new followers which is the fruit of this beauty.

Thank you so much for reading and your extended help with our circle shares.