avoid google plus sharksUpdate 02/12/2014 9:06pm :

This article was originally published on Feb 10,2014 since then even though there were not any names openly pointed out, a lady from Google Plus was personally offended by it and reported my profile to Google. Nothing has happened so far about the report, things may happen or may not happen. But I would like everyone to notice that my article has bothered someone without their name on it! So I am leaving it up to your discretion. I did not want to escalate this debate any further by giving her name here, I chose not to direct negative attention to her!

How to Recognize and Avoid Google Plus Sharks? Who are these sharks to begin with? In my previous posts you can read about Google plus Sharks and their hidden intentions. All the previous articles regarding to this subject can be found on the authicle.com at the All Posts Tab. But if I really need to give short description of it, I would say those are the ones who does not want you to have big following numbers, those are the ones who does not want you to become publisher by any means and remain as their readers forever, those are the ones who does or be included all kind of circle sharing and still speak-write bad about circle sharing, those are the ones whose their websites have full of premium softwares or products, or affiliate links, or advertisements or subscription boxes where they can get your E-MAIL addresses in return of free e-book ,those are the ones who calls their existence of Google Plus as Helping You guys!

Yes, they are on Google Plus and all their point is helping YOU for FREE! They sacrifice their own precious time to help you! They sit in front of their computer screens to just to help you! They don’t spend time with their kids or families because otherwise they would not be able help you for FREE right? Of course YOU are more important than their Family and Kids!!! This is the way how they roll! With the word games of converting the meaning of Business into HELP!

I have been planning on writing about this Sharks again, and I guess today is the day! So lets start!

Recently I was witnessed to some people where they really talk bad about Circle Sharing in Google Plus,they were saying that circle sharing is just bringing crap to our profiles, then I spent some time and went through some research. First I have tried my own circle shares and I was able to figure out that every circle share that I do brings 50-60 new followers into my test page(almost no content with no pluses, no reshares or no comments) I opened this page and included it into my shared circles, and I haven’t posted almost anything to it! As of today with just 2 circle shares this Test Page almost got 125 followers and the page is not following any of those people back!

So that being said, circle sharing is bringing you more followers and if you never follow these people back there is no way that they can turn your profile into full of crap! Its impossible! In order to see their so called(by sharks) non-valuable content you have to circle them back. But as long as if you dont circle them back , they will always see the posts you publish but you won’t be seeing their posts! So what a big lie when you say Circle Share is bringing Crap into our profiles! But the point is actually to make you afraid of circle shares and keep your followers base LIMITED! You will always have a few people and you won’t be growing! So you will always remain as their(sharks) reader, what a beautiful Business WORLD for them!!!

After my own Test, I went through and calculated some of those Circle Share Haters profiles by circlecount.com where you can see that how many Shared Circles that they are in! The results were amazing!!! I specifically picked one Circle Share Sheriff because she just became sheriff  of Google Plus and now teaching us how bad the circle shares can be! Here is the results:

As of Today she has more than 50.000 followers and She was shared in more than 1700 circles! So lets make some calculations and lets see why she hates(or being against) circle shares!

– Each circle share brings 50-60(my circle shares) new followers to the profile of anyone(Whoever is shared in the circle)

– 1700 x 50 = 85000!!!!! Woohoooo!! So this shows actually she was not in all the successful circle shares, lets go and make the reverse calculation to find out average how many people actually was brought to her profile with each share!

– 50000 / 1700 = 30 (almost) Woohoo!!! And as she grows, some friends or people who liked her work added her as well, so we should consider this factor. But her follower number was more than 50.000 I had to write it down estimated that way I didn’t have to point her out openly! Not because I am scared of her just because I really don’t like to talk with the names!

So after this calculations there is just one simple question in my mind and its seeking for an answer! Why would I take her any serious about circle shares and how bad they are?!!! And these people are the people if they are shared in a circle they don’t request from the creator of the circles to remove them out! Why would they do that ? Why would they request to be taken out of shared circles? Its free advertisement for them no matter how bad circle shares are! It is FREE!!! It means more people that they can expose their products or services to!!!

I want something simple from you guys, its not for my benefit or anything! But after today if you see or hear that any SHARK is writing or speaking of Circle Shares and how bad they are , please go to circlecount.com and you will be seeing a search bar where you can do search with their names. Please write their names in the search box and hit search, and wait for a couple seconds for result to come, then scroll the page down a little bit where you can see an increase graphic of their followers and right underneath that part, there is a section which shows that how many Circles that they were shared in. Take that number and multiply it with 30 to 50 and if you see their exact(or close) follower number in your screen please DO NOT TAKE THESE PEOPLE ANY SERIOUS IF THEY EVER TRY TO TEACH YOU HOW CIRCLE SHARES CAN BE BAD!!!

And the secret danger for them is : If you(everybody) ever have huge following numbers then you will become an influencer(quality or not) and they will have a challenge to show their work, products and services in a hard way! Because the streams(walls) are flowing pretty fast if there is lots of content and their content will be drawn into most of people’s stream! And their follower numbers will not show them as authority to the newbies because newbies are not going to know who to follow! But if you have limited number of followers and if they have huge numbers then the numbers will mean EVERYTHING to them!

And last thing : If you were not in Google Plus these SHARKS would not be in Google Plus as well. Because Google already have 🙂 HELP 🙂 forums where you can ask any questions and get answers. Because of you are here is making Google Plus more valuable, not because of the Sharks are here! If there is no fish that they can eat they would NOT swim in Google Plus Ocean!

Do you think that Google Plus Sharks are helping you or seeing you as a fish that they can eat? I would love to hear from you guys, thank you for reading.