Circle ShareIn today’s post I will try to explain What is Authicle Circle share on Google Plus and How it works. Most people try to be involved with the circle share and still they don’t have how the stuff works, so later on if anybody have any concerns or if they want to join but don’t know what to expect at least they could have some ideas after they read the article.

In the previous articles I already did mention about how and why I started circle sharing. This one will not cover these topics and if you fully read the article you may have idea about how our circle share works. So lets begin. I have started doing circle shares and it has been almost a whole month and as of today I (Auth Icle) have more than 4000 followers in my main account and my page (Authicle Circle) has reached more than 2000 followers during one month period.

The easiest way of explaining circle share is that someone put all the people together in his/her circles and share them with his followers where newbies can find and add people in bulk. Sharing circle is the fastest way of gaining followers. And all you need to monitor is who is getting involved with your circle shares and make sure to weed out possible harmful profiles.

In traditional circle shares the connector(main sharer) would come up with the circle that he/she gathered together over time with the people who were interacting with him/her. And the only way of getting involved for the next circle would be the sharing, commenting and plusing(+) the current circle. So in other way of saying : it would require you to promote other people to be involved with the next up coming circle share. I am not saying this is the wrong way of getting involved but in my circles I wanted to give chance to everyone to be involved with and for their own selves and effort.

So lets see how Authicle Circle Share works :

I(Auth Icle) ┬áprepare a flyer with the name of the upcoming volume and ask people to interact with the post for almost 48 hours. And during this time it would require people to follow my two ID’s , give the post +, make a simple comment and share the picture itself. So right after all the steps are done you are pretty much in : unless : Your page or profile contains adult content or racist speeches or pictures or hate speech. And also I would look at the level of appropriateness of your profile pictures and shared items on the wall.

Right after the first part is done by you its pretty much all about waiting for time to end and after time ends I would gather all the people together and place them into most current Vol Circle and share them with my followers and I would ask everyone to share the circle that whoever is in the circle. Its as simple as that.

But the only down side of my circle share is people still could not figure out how important to share the created circle after the time is out. Most of my circles closed up with total of 200 people each but If you check the numbers they barely reach 50 shares. No matter how hard I tried people still don’t want to see the power of shares. And I will try to explain here a little bit more detailed.

After the circle is shared if nobody shares it that means the circle will be seen by 4000 people most, Because this is the number of people who follows my account. And if nobody is interested in adding people out of these 4000 people it means nobody will add our circle and we will not see any increase in our numbers. Now lets spice up the things and assume that everybody will share the created circle and lets assume that everybody averagely has 500 followers. Now that means : 500*200=100.000 people can possibly see the circle and some of these people absolutely would add our circle. So in this point we have to be more realistic and assume that there is really no way that 100.000 people are going to see our shared circle. Because some of these people will be on their mobile phones and they will miss on seeing the circle. And also some people are not going to be online in google plus and they will not be seeing our circle as well. But out of 100.000 people I would assume at least half of people would see our circle so that being said we would reach 50.000 people. And while I was calculating that all of us would have at least 500 followers it was more than realistic because some people has thousands of followers and they would increase the chance of being seen.

Now if you are about to join my circle shares please keep these in mind:

First of all I do appreciate all the help and effort that you guys are showing but in other hand I would like to give some insights so we can grow more steady. If you are participating in my circle shares please make sure to complete all the steps, they are really pretty simple, I am sure nobody would ever have any problem understanding or following the steps. And if you are done with participating please make sure to give your friends heads up because more people means more exposure and more shares at the end. So please try to make more people aware of our circle shares and make sure that your friends are informed what we have here. They can start benefiting from our circle shares. And as last thing after I share the circle if you are in please share it, because if you don’t share it nobody will ever see that circle unless they specifically searches for it with related keywords and hashtags. So just share and make us more visible . Thank you so much for being here with us!