google plus circle shareAre you new to the Google Plus? And you don’t know how google plus circle share works ? Today I am going to try to explain some facts about Circle Share. And I am hoping that I would be able to give you guys some information.

I have joined Google Plus at the very last days of October 2013, and all my intention was to put my article links to Google Plus from my blog Authicle. In first days I did not know how Google Plus was working and I thought that people would find my articles since I was adding my links with hashtags. And it wasn’t still enough and I felt that some steps were missing, I started to add people aggressively with the hope of they would return my follow back and I would gain some followers! Nope it did not ended up the way I wanted. And Google was keep reminding me that I was adding so much people at a time. Then I said well I guess I will be banned pretty soon which I would not want, actually I would not care so much if they banned me at that point because there was no progression in my follower base and it was another social media that I was wasting my time with. Of course this thought has changed since I was witnessed to the power of Circle Shares. I am glad I saw it before I get banned or before I give up, because I would not be enjoying Google Plus if I wasn’t introduced to the Circle Share.

What is Circle Share? Why do people do Circle Shares? Is that a scam? Lets start straight!

The simplest way of explaining Circle Share is putting some people in your circles and then publishing(sharing) them with your followers. If you try to add people one at a time by finding them manually its really time consuming and new Google users are looking for some groups to add, so circle share is their medicine, finding and adding Shared Circle would take just total of 30 seconds all you need to do is search for shared circles. If you try to do it manually it would take anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes and this process would definitely frustrate you.

Why do people do Circle Shares? Answer is simple: To gain followers and get(find) followers for the people who is in the circle.Other way of saying promoting them in public! With the circle share the big numbers always go to the creator of the circle, but as a participant you definitely are getting followers and your chances are the same as the creator after the circle is shared! If 50 people add the shared circle it means everybody in this circle will get 50 new followers unless they hand pick before they fully add the circle. The additional benefit of the creator of the circle is ,they are getting more followers just because they simply deserve it! If you participate the circle share you will be spending maybe total of couple minutes and you are in! As long as you have followed the steps, but the creator of the circle should spend total of almost 8-10 hours straight to promote everything, write the script, moderate and reply the comments, adding people to the created circle, so as a summary it is a very time consuming task! But if you guys ever want to become a connector(creator) please let me know, I would be happy to participate your circles.

Is this Circle Share a scam? Circle Share is totally legitimate feature of Google Plus, and it has nothing to do with being scam like as some people think! If it was a scam or chain letter it would not be served as a feature of Google Plus. There are no rules about Circle Share Creation that who can and can not create the circle. So that being said anyone can create a circle and share it! And there are no rules about whether if you are eligible to be added or not, to the circle. But according to some sharp teeth Google Plus Sharks, YOU should never create a shared circle and never be promoted because they think you are worthless and all you create is CRAP! I will be writing another article about the sharks and their intention, it will be about How sharks became a deputy, sheriff, mayor, President of Google Plus! I have written an article about it already but the next one is going to be more detailed. You can read the previous article from Google Plus Sharks Do Not Want You To Do Circle Share

So, before you call it as scam you should definitely invest some time and give it a shot to see it for yourself because pre-judging is not helping anyone at all. As connectors(creators) what we offer is getting you some followers for your Google Profiles and in return all we ask is to just follow the simple steps and participate and promote our work. The work that you are in! Not the work that we pushed you out of! Yes you are in, you are part of this task and all we ask is promote yourself.

Important note: None of the circle shares that I have made, I never mentioned “ADD the circle in your circles” as a step! I have never done it and I will not be doing it in the future circle shares! So joining my circle shares can not bring you any CRAP as the sharks called!(This also does not mean that it will bring just CRAP if you add the circle that you are in. I do respect all the Circle Sharers its their time, their effort, their game and their rules!) You are only being promoted in my circles, that is it! Yes I demand you to add me and my page but I think its fair enough to get your appreciation in return of my sleepless nights and endless effort to promote YOU!

See you guys in the next articles. Have a good day!