Get more Google plus followers with circle shareHow can someone get more google plus followers with circle share? The answer is amazingly simple, Circle Share is working like a charm. It is the most useful way to grow your follower base pretty quick.

Since I have started my blog Authicle, I tried to sign up all kind of social media websites, and one of them was Google Plus. At the beginning I was just posting my article links on Google Plus to gain more exposure but without follower base I was the only one who sees my own posts in return. So I was like what is the point of being here? Additional work but nothing in return. If I am the only one who sees my articles why would I spent another couple minutes to copy paste the link and find the perfect hastags where my article could be found. And also spend lots of time adding random people on my circles with the expectation of people would add me back.

I was wrong, nobody added me back, maybe a few but it was not enough for that much work. So I accidentally came across with the circle sharing. And the rules seemed pretty simple. The creator of the circle would set up some simple steps, just follow it and you are in.

After I started to use circle share my follower count started to rise but it was still not enough and I wanted to be the one who creates the circles, and I would set up some rules and steps and people would follow. Being creator of circles is really not an easy task, but is it fun? Yes it is. Being creator of the Shared Circle requires plenty of time and hard work. You have to stop pretty much everything that you are doing and just focus on recording that who is interacting with your Circle. Because people has expectations in return that you definitely have to fulfill. You can not say Oh sorry I didn’t see that you have shared circle. No! You have to be very alerted and do very detailed task to put everybody in the next circle as promised.

So far one of my very first shared circle made 25 public shares, and  preparation(will be writing another post about this later) post got shared 85 times within very limited time period. I am very happy with my followers and who got interacted with the circle that I shared.(Next article I will be giving more number based examples involved with first big experience about Circle Share)

So as summary the best way of getting followers is to participate the circle shares. Even if you dont have time to create one for yourself you can still follow the steps the ones that already ready to go and be in. Circle sharing works guys, its working amazing. So dont be afraid of participating any of it.

There is an article which I have written about Google Plus Sharks that you need to be aware of while doing circle share because they will do anything to discourage you about it. If you want to find out more you can reach the article from following link >Google Plus Sharks Do Not Want You To Do Circle Share

Also one of very active and engager Google Plus User Randy Hilarski has written about article states that how SEO and Social Media Guru’s will try to discourage you about Circle Share. You can also reach to  his article from following link > Top 15 Circles on Google Plus Circle Share Haters Edition 

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Share the circle, share the love!

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