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Back in the days when there was no Google Plus, Facebook and other visual(text and rich content) social media platforms were the biggest source for the marketers, online authors and webmasters to put their work out there and gain likes and be seen by their followers. Later on the challenge, Google has introduced us to its social media Google Plus and it was something new that nobody had any idea about. As of now Google Plus registered users are pretty close to the number of Facebook registered users. And Google Plus is still getting more popular day after day. It is the future of social media and a platform where people can engage each others posts or thoughts.

Since November of 2013 I have been in Google Plus and I can not still consider myself as knowing most of the things about G+. I was just using Google plus to promote our website and its posts through G+. Later on, just putting the links of the website was not enough and started looking ways to building relationships with people. While I was doing research about circles and how circle shares works I came across with some Big Sharks that was trying to discourage me and newbies about how Circle Sharing is not something that would help us. I have read few articles and then I had to stop reading them because they were not sincere or they seemed that there was a different intention behind of them. Today I will be writing about Why Big Sharks try to discourage us from creating and sharing circles.

First of all Google is the biggest search engine and Google Plus is the future of Google searches. Other way of saying this is if somebody is in your circle(following you) will see the results if they search for something that you have already written about. If Mr A. is following you and if he searches for Red Apple and by the time being if you have written anything about Red Apples then most likely he will be seeing your article(post) before the search results or mixed with search results.It means you will be ranking in your followers search results with no SEO effort. So that much information is going to be enough to explain why Big Sharks do NOT want you to build a huge following base.

Creating circles and sharing it with other people will allow them to add you. The only necessity expected is whomever is added to the circle should be somehow social(engager). You dont have to be Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg to be in a shared circle. As long as you are willing to share,comment and +1 the post. The main reason behind of shared circles are making you more recognizable to the public.

But Big Sharks will discourage you to create and share the circles. Because they do NOT want you to gain follower base and be publisher by any means. They want you to remain as reader forever. Because they are seeing the benefit of dominating the search engines and want to play a monopoly of the social media. And they would love to be all times winners. In the articles that I have read they were mentioning that if you add a massive circle then your news feed will turn into a trash and spam. Guess what. Do you really think that they care about your news feed turning into trash ? Are they the one who will be seeing your news feed? Then why do you think that they are warning you for that? Why do you think that they would care about your Google Plus experience?

Let me tell you why they would care about you to not to be in circles or add circles. Circle sharing is the fastest way of gaining followers and they do NOT want you to have any followers. As I stated above they wanna serve the whole G+ world. They will be serving ,we will be receiving in their monopoly world.

As a summary let me make last conclusion. Lets say Mr Wonderful has 100.000 followers and we are these 100.000 followers of him. And none of us has anybody in our following list. This means : Whenever Mr Wonderful shares anything we will be seeing it, so he has reached 100.000 people with his message whatever he was trying to give. In other hand if you and I share something and if we dont have anybody in our following list then we are the only one who sees our public posts and we have NOT reached anybody at all. Lets put another point here : If all of us have 100.000 followers it means Mr Wonderful is going to have hard time showing his articles to any of us if he publishes about Red Apples because if I,You or any other 100.000 of us have written an article about Red Apples it means his(and ours) following base will be torn between clicking your or His article. And if the searcher did NOT know that he was authority that means he may miss an opportunity to have the searcher as visitor in his website. It basically means they do NOT like it if challenge comes to the game.

If you have something to say just say it. Dont be a reader forever. You put your voice and thoughts over there to be seen or heard by others. You can do that. If you have an answer for the following question I would really love to hear about it:

Do you really think that Mr Wonderful cares about us ?