Michael Schumacher deadLegend of the Formula 1 Michael Schumacher is Dead According To Facebook. Retired Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher 44 who won the F1 championship 7 times in his career is dead according to Facebook.

Sunday morning retired F1 pilot Schumacher slammed his head into a rock while he was skiing in the French Alpine Resort. He was there with his son when the accident happened. Since the accident he has been suffering from serious head injuries and he is in comma and the doctors reported his condition is life threatening.

What happened to the former F1 pilot was pretty sad but there is more to come what exactly happened to him. He was killed over Facebook already and the prayers and condolences has started to collected by Facebook freaks. This attention seekers, like freaks, comment maniacs started to create pages and communities and taking advantages of his condition.

Right after his accident there was over 200 pages and communities on Facebook which named R.I.P Michael Schumacher and they didn’t even want to wait to gain momentum. Of course none of us is waiting to hear that Michael Schumacher is dead for real but this attention seekers could not even wait until then. Actually it would not even matter for them to hear whether he is dead or alive. If they would care enough they would not drag themselves into the dark side of marketing tactics or being able to manage big number of groups. All they see on Facebook is its a platform where they can feel themselves as the governor by telling people what to like what not to, what to share what not to. And the saddest part is most of Facebook pages are created by teenagers which doesn’t know anything about life. But they are always there to gain your likes and spam you what they want you to see.

In other hand Facebook is letting people once again to take advantage from the sad situation like death, sickness, accident etc. I am wondering what kind of algorithm Facebook uses and what algorithm would not be able to show that there is more than 200 hundred pages with the exact same title over night. We are talking about multi-billion dollar company here, and they are blind, their algorithm is not showing that results to them. Good job Facebook! Hats off. The Champion is suffering and some idiots are gaining likes over his situation and you are all blind, deaf and mute once again.