Paul Walker Death HoaxPaul Walker Death Hoax

People started to see news online about Paul Walker Death Hoax. The rumors started to pop up one by one about Paul Walker’s death. Some websites claim that Paul Walker faked his death. Also Roger Rodas gets his share from these hoax news.

In my previous post I have written about Paul Walker’s death and mentioned how people were trying to get benefited out of his death. And it seems heartless people will not stop until they suck up all the blood out of him. Before reading this post if you would like to take a look at the old posts about Paul Walker you can see them from the following links, Paul Walker’s Death Got Molested , Paul Walker Nelson Mandela – Facebook’s Death Exploiters , Paul Walker Nelson Mandela – Facebook’s Death Exploiters Part 2

This attention whores will not stop until they get what they want, they do not really care what Walker’s family would feel about these news, they don’t care how would Paul Walker’s daughter react to seeing or reading that type of hoax news. The death exploiters found a really beneficial way to use people’s death and they will continue getting benefit out of this sad situations. They even make some sort of sense with the pictures and facts that they came up with. Actually they really don’t care  if the Walker was death or not. All they care about it if they get enough attention out of it, and yes they do. They succeed.

These hoax news sometimes start with one simple tweet, or a Facebook post , or an article from a website that you don’t know who is behind. Most of the time the way news spread is so easy because people apparently has not any single clue what the purpose of the website that they are following. This firm believer fan base has a belief that they should spread whatever they see or hear without confirming the news if its real or not.

Its sad that seeing Paul Walker will come back to life and will die over and over and over again until these death suckers get full with attention. And afterwards maybe his soul can find the peace.