tictoc messengerWhat is Tictoc Messenger?  Tictoc messenger is a free application which runs in multiple devices such as Androids, IPhones or desktop computers. It allows its users to make one to one chat or group chats by sending free messages. Besides sending free messages users are also able to send multimedia content such as photos, videos, audios, and also there is an option that you can add YouTube video that you think your friends may like watching.

Tictoc was developed by South Korea’s 3rd big holding company group SK. Even though there is already a challenge in the market between free messaging applications Tictoc decided to expand from Asia Market to all over the world. Tictoc Messenger is ahead of the competition with its unique feature which allows users to be online even if they run out of battery. It has PC version where you can connect with your friends and continue sharing while your phone needs some rest or more juice.

Another cool feature of Tictoc is where you can create clubs that your friends can join the conversation and allowed users can share and make the conversation more valuable. Also Tictoc has clouding system where you can keep your shared content (Videos, Pdf, Links, Pictures, Movies, Music etc.) up to 10 days and reach them from any devices as long as you login with the same information.

Tictoc allows its users to import their friends from email, phonebook, Facebook or more applications. And it also has an option where you can search users with their ID. ID search allows you to add friends that don’t use any of the social media or email services.

what is tictoc messenger

With Tictoc Messenger:

  • You can make free domestic and international voice calls with crystal clear call sound quality
  • You can access it with Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G anytime, anywhere
  • You can chat with your friends for free
  • You can send various types of content such as photos, stickers, videos, gifs, docs, etc.
  • And you can access it anywhere from mobile, tablet or computers.

Tictoc is a promising application which can bring a new challenge to the market of free messaging; we will see where it will stand. Would you see yourself using Tictoc to share your time with your friends? Or if you are one of those 13 Million users of Tictoc Messaging Service please share your experiences with us.

tictoc messenger