Benefits of living near the oceanSome studies show that there are health benefits of living near the ocean, also in other hand we are also aware of dangers and disadvantages of being close to ocean. We can think of being so close to ocean can motivate you to go out and take a walk on the beach, but also it can affect the traffic and your daily life when the season is in demand. Everything pretty much changes when the season comes to the ocean sides. So there are lots of up and downsides of living close to ocean.

My previous post I have mentioned about How to Motivate Yourself For Work and todays post will be to the parallel subject  to motivate yourself while you are watching others on their vacation. While it feels great to be living in the ocean side it can also be a big challenge for you to watching how people around you is having good time in their vacation.

As of I am writing this post I am pretty sure there is at least 2 (and it can go all the way up to millions) people are having conversation about following subject.

“Hey mate I already saved up three thousand dollars for vacation for this summer.”

“Oh I cannot wait to jump to that water”

“There are just 200 days left and then no more work for at least for a whole week”

Examples can be expanded with more and more similar conversations but that’s fine to just get the picture. So people are somewhere and making plans, having dreams about going on their vacation for summer. They are saving their hard earned money to be able to afford a 1 week getaway and their dream is just to be able to swim or even just put their feet into water.

So in the other hand you are living and working in the ocean front and seeing other people having fun may not be making you happy. Because you think it’s not fair that people are on their vacation and you kind of need to fulfil their needs. There is nothing wrong with this picture if you can see the benefit behind of it.

Yes there is a benefit in living and working in the touristic places. You don’t have to dream about your summer vacation because every day of summer is your vacation already whether you are working or not! You are getting paid to be there while others are spending their hard earned savings. The people who you are jealous of are paying your entire month of rent for a 2 night’s hotel room. You are sitting and swimming in the same beach with them while their pockets are draining but yours is keep getting fatter. Your hours are getting more because the season is on demand so the people that you are jealous of are making you richer than yesterday and the day before by letting  you working in their service, because they are the ones who created that demand.

So pretty much in every situation there is always bright side and benefit, all you need to know is where you are standing and what your angle is. Make sure to stand in the right angle if you are willing to live your life full of happiness.