how to motivate yourself for workHow to motivate yourself for work? It may sound complicated since you are here to find out what the possible answers could be. If you knew it how you would not be here I believe. Which of us really likes to work? Or let’s say who is in love with their work?  The truth is nobody! Business owners don’t count.

Or let me be clearer. If you won the mega millions in last night drawings which was almost 400 million and as of now its 425 would you still love your work? Would you still get up at 7 in Sunday morning to go to work? The answer is no! No matter how hard you say yes, I will not take any other answers in this case. Because those people who say that they would still work after they win the lottery is the people type who always cheats themselves and public. First of all I would like to clarify something: This post will not be about daydreaming about being millionaire. I just needed to use the being rich part to expand the topic and find possible answers about how to motivate yourself for work.

Now let’s go deeper. You woke up for the day and guess what you don’t want to work. No worries you are not only one who feels in that way. So just calm down and take a deep breath. But while you are doing it make sure you are moving, otherwise you will be late for work. First thing first please go check your wallet and bank account to see that you are not the winner of last night’s lottery. So that will help you to wash your face and put some hot water for tea for breakfast. Since we are not the winner that means no matter what, we need to work for quality life! When I say quality life I didn’t mean timeshares, Lamborghini’s or expensive jewelries. The meaning of quality life would be paying your rent, paying your bills, putting food on the table and waiting for the next paycheck for the same circulation. Yes it’s as simple as that. Don’t expect so much from the description of quality life. As long as you are able to live another month it means you have a quality life, because you didn’t need governments help or you were not a burden to your friends, families or partners.

Now let’s see what would be answers for the question of “how to motivate yourself for work

1-      You should be appreciative for being able to open your eyes for another day.

2-      You should be happy that you were just able to get up and get out of the bed without needing anyone’s help

3-      You should be lucky that you do have a job that you can go and work.

4-      You should be understanding the mechanism of the world that in order to survive you need to be working

5-      You should be hopeful that if you don’t die for the day 8-9 hours later you will be coming home richer than how you left your house in the morning

6-      You should be proud of yourself that you do have a house/apartment that you are able to pay and come back over and over again.

Check and see if the list above is applying to you, if yes you are already motivated.

Those are the simple facts of the life that most of us are ignoring or not being able to appreciate that how simple and easy they are. I hope this simple list would help to motivate yourself for everyday life. Take it easy guys.