Facebook Unfollow Button

Facebook Unfollow Button

Facebook unfollow button – Finally Facebook decided to let us hide our over-sharer friends feeds, we no longer need to be watching what our friends ate for lunch, or how our friends look like with their new hair with 20 different angle selfie pictures, or how they do or don’t like the politics. Some people on Facebook are really being serious about Facebook and living their lives on the social network. From the beginning of their day all the way to the time they are heading to bed is all over on Facebook.  And sometimes if these friends cannot sleep for some reason you can see status updates about how they couldn’t fall asleep.


So what does unfollow friend on Facebook mean? How do I unfollow someone? This feature is not something new, there used to be Hide All “which was on the drop down menu of the posts” option but Facebook decided to replace this with unfollow option. What is the difference Facebook Unfollow vs Unfriend?  It’s simple, if you cannot keep up with your annoying friend’s posts there was always an option which named: Unfriend. But this may have hurt your friendship with some of your friends, but by the time you really don’t want to see your friends every moment on Facebook so Unfollow option is going to be working for your benefit.


Facebook still will not allow us to block pages which are still pretty annoying, because some of our friends would like the things which say: Like or comment, if you don’t like you will die, If you are human like it! Like if you agree!  type posts and they are mainly coming from Facebook pages which managed by pimple faced teenagers. Facebook will not bring the feature up which would allow us to block some specific pages which constantly shares offensive or stupid posts. And the main reason behind of it is : Facebook makes its revenue through the pages and Ads, and by letting us allow to block the pages would never satisfy the Advertisement Companies or Brands. They would never want to be blocked and decrease the potential of being seen by everyone. So for that reason we have to see the pages which we really don’t like. Let’s see what Facebook will bring to at least release the user’s frustrations over their friends. After all would you use unfollow button for your annoying friends?