Apple black friday 2013

Apple Black Friday Sales

U.S. Apple Stores offer gift cards instead of discount for Black Friday sales this year. Apple fans were expecting to get some discounts on iPhone, iPad and Mac products but Apple came up with the new plan of handing gift cards to their clients. Gift Card move from Apple for Black Friday sales.

Most of Apple fans were expecting to get come cool products from Apple stores as of the morning of Black Friday, but there are some bad news that you guys should be aware of, First of all no type of discounts or gift cards are applying for new line of Apple products such as IPhone 5c, 5s or IPad mini with retina display. And Apple stores in U.S. are not letting us to get discounts for any of their products new or old line. They will be offering gift card for store purchases.

But in other hand if you are planning on getting your new IPhone 5c, 5s from Walmart or IPad mini from Target these stores will be offering 75 dollars gift card, which would be more valuable as a gift card comes from Walmart or Target instead of being stuck with Apple gift card.

Apple was smart enough to make this move to not to throw the potential cash out of the window. They are well aware that millions dollars of Gift Cards remain unredeemed every year and that will let them to have cash in their pockets rather than giving it away as a discount to begin with. This model was not something new but Apple decided to apply the model for Black Friday sales for this year and try to get more and more benefit off of the Black Friday sales.

As a summary we will see if that was a right move or not for Apple to take advantage from Black Friday and convince more people to shop in their stores by giving them gift cards.