1 million facebook likesHow to get 1 Million Facebook likes in 10 easy steps. It sounds tempting, but also it sounds hard to reach right? NO! It’s easy to reach that amount of likes since there are lots of volunteers to share your content in daily basis. Let’s take a look how we could get 1 Million likes.

Most of the Facebook pages are managed by teenagers, who have no job, eat chips and drink soda all day and have hundreds of pimple in their face. And they really appreciate Facebook to give them that opportunity to being in charge with tons of people. Their main purpose is having tons of followers and being boss of them. Tell them to what to like what not to! Because they know they wouldn’t survive in real life where they have no experience yet.

Now let’s talk about tips that would lead you to 1 Million fans or likes. If you want to have huge amount of followers or likes on your page you should follow the steps below. They will not cost you and single Dime and easy to apply them in short period of time

*** Before you start reading the list, please take a look at the last paragraph of the post.

First you need to create a Facebook page; it can be about anything pretty much because the things that you will be sharing are going to be various subjects and facts.

1 – Sickness : Try to find a sick(cancer or any kind of bad disease) person(If it’s a baby it would triple up the impact) picture and tell people every like will get 1 dollar, every share will get 5 dollars and every comment  will get 10 dollars from Facebook. We have tons of volunteers that are waiting their hands on top of the like buttons to help sick people. Thanks to these people they never do research. They have just a heart and they use like button so often.

2 – Missing people: Give it a shot, it’s still working. Find people who are missing and try to get people’s attention on it. It doesn’t matter that they have been missing since 1960’s as long as the picture is not black and white people will share it without researching. Or use one of your friends picture even though he/she is not missing. People have a huge heart for missing people. They would share it without knowing missing persons name, location, age, or how long they have been missing.

3 – Use religions: Post a picture of any kind of religious symbol or prophet pictures and tell people if they don’t like the picture they should forget about heaven. Tell them the only way to go heaven is liking your post.  And within couple days after you share your post you should also announce your prophecy without losing time because now you have blind followers.

4 – Use dead people: The people who are not dead officially but there was news that he was dead. It’s the perfect opportunity to open up a Facebook page without doing research with the R.I.P. title at the beginning of their name and share their most lovely pictures and memories. It’s a good way to kill people and suck up their deaths and get benefit off of their dead body. Recent example for this is: R.I.P. Mr. Bean.

5  – Beg for likes: Use a picture of cute baby or puppy to get likes. This works perfect. Nobody even asks a question about why kids picture are being flown all over Facebook. Just share a picture and tell people if the kid gets millions of likes their parents will get a puppy for him/her. Or share a cute puppy picture and tell people that this cute puppy needs to be adopted because the former owner was abusing it. Thanks god people like the things as is without asking any questions.

6 – Free IPad give away:  I know I said it won’t cost you anything to get the likes but now you are frustrated because you don’t even have an IPad for yourself so how you can give away an IPad that would cost you money. No worries, you don’t even need a physical IPad. There are so dumb people out there if you share an IPad pictures and tell them to share your post to get a chance of winning IPad. And your reason should be: This IPad cannot be sold because its seal and box is broken and you are giving it away for free because of this reason. People will buy your lie. All you need is to find a picture of lots of IPads in the room with no box or broken box.

7  – Use Photoshop: Tell people that you won the Powerball and you won’t work anymore in your entire life, and tell people whoever shares your winning ticket picture will get a chance of getting 1 million dollars. All you need is a photoshopped picture of winning ticket. The last guy who made this trick got more than one million likes. But nobody got 1 million dollars from him.

8 – Think people are dumb: Make sure the picture you are posting have Share, Like, Comment phrases on the picture. Actually whatever you are sharing that make sure the picture is taking up 5 percent and share, like, post phrases are on the 95 percent of the picture. Because without you saying people wouldn’t know how to share, like or comment to your post. Make them happy by being there as their leader and make them feel that they would be lost without your guidance.

9 – Movies and TV Shows: Open up a Facebook page and pretend that you are the owner of the channel or producer of the movie or a character from the show or even you are movie itself. Don’t give people any explanation about who you are. Just suck up people’s hard work and make a benefit for yourself.

10 – Celebrities: Open up a Justin Bieber page and tell people that where your next concert will be. It doesn’t need to show any reality signs. You are focusing on getting people’s attention. There are lots of people out there who would get excited about hearing that Justin is coming to their home town.


***Everything I mentioned here is being used by page admins on Facebook and it really makes me sad and sick. I am not promoting any of these ideas. I just wanted to write some things about the nasty side of being admin and maybe they would reach my article by searching how to get that many likes on Facebook and would see their dirty real faces. Or maybe other person who shares the content constantly on Facebook and realizes what kind of mistake that they are helping to grow. Please don’t let these pointless teenagers to take you over. Don’t let them to use your emotions. Thank you for reading.