Black FridayI have recently seen a lot of posts on Facebook suggesting that we as Americans not participate in Thanksgiving shopping and instead focus on spending time with our families. Please Don’t Boycott Black Friday I am here to make you feel better about dropping serious cash on the Black Friday sales. Thanksgiving is for gathering. It is a time to give thanks to our ancestors. When we think of Thanksgiving itself, we think of over stuffing our bellies with delectable foods that were made with love. We think of coming together with friends and family to honor traditions and possibly make new ones. We think of football a purely American sport.

Now, take into consideration this last statement. Football players are not at home with their loved ones eating large amounts of food. Neither are some Doctors, Nurses, policemen and paramedics. Someone has to be there to save people.  There is actually an increase in medical emergencies every year around this time due to accidents involving turkeys being fried and alcohol related incidents.  Does anyone feel bad for the Doctors or football players that have to work? No because they are compensated far greater than most people on a normal basis.  The hotel industry maintains a full staff during the holidays too. Lots of Americans travel to spend time with family for the holidays but don’t actually stay the night at the families’ location either because there is not room to stay or because they just need a break from crazy uncles. Most employees in the hotel industry are paid minimum wages but we don’t hear them crying about not being able to spend time with family. The restaurant industry is huge and booming on Thanksgiving Day. From expensive to the inexpensive fast food chains restaurants make a killing in profits on Thanksgiving Day and most of the restaurants have chosen to be open to make money. Even grocery stores are open in the morning of Thanksgiving. Some 24 hour grocery stores will thusly not even close at all that day.

Of course the main issue that people are voicing their opposition too about the holiday is for the retail employees that are being forced to work on Thanksgiving Day that are not compensated as well as Doctors and football players.  Most of the retail employees that are required to work during the holidays will not be working the entire day. Therefore it is possible for the families of the retail employee to attempt to schedule the feast around the employees work schedule.  My family always eats Thanksgiving dinner around 1pm.  There is plenty of time afterwards to nap, shower, eat again and work an afternoon/evening shift.

The last fact that should make you less upset about violating the rights of retail employees is to consider that America is a great conglomeration of immigrants. Immigrants are the backbone of our society. My husband is an immigrant. He volunteers to work on Thanksgiving so that his co-workers don’t have to fight over who has to be away from their families. I for one have no issues with him doing this either because I cannot meet with my family as they reside far, far, away from us. I have to choose between Christmas and Thanksgiving as the time for us to travel the long distance to join family.  I always and will always choose Christmas as that time. So I will be one of the people about there running around trying to catch the best deals on Thanksgiving Day. I am not the person that is camping out the week before, if I catch a good deal then I feel as if I accomplished a goal. The ideal situation would be for me, all of us actually to support local businesses instead of the major chains like Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart and Best Buy. I for one will try to support K-Mart this holiday season because I know that the company is seriously struggling financially due to Wal-Mart.  Happy shopping to all, please don’t feel guilty people like my husband have volunteered to work so that others can spend time with their loved ones.