breaking bad fly worstOne of my very first post I did write about Breaking Bad Fly Episode and I called it as being worst episode of Breaking Bad. Before you start reading this post for better understanding please read the first post from Breaking Bad Fly Worst Episode.

Today I wanted to write another post about Breaking Bad Worst Episode Fly since I have received some e-mails from people which states that I am short with my understanding, or I really don’t know what I am talking about, or this was the best episode and I should go watch Family Guy instead of Breaking Bad. So in today’s  post I will try to go deeper about some clarifications. And I did some research on forums and Google as well and I will be showing some screen shots about Fly episodes.

But before I start I would like to say there were e-mails that supported my post, and they were in same mind-set with me, and they were thinking the Fly Episode was something that if you skip that you wouldn’t be missing anything. But just because people are supporting my post doesn’t necessarily means that I was right. But anyway let’s take a deeper look into Fly episode.

I did do some research and placed two different Google pictures at the end of this post. I did pick fly and Say My Name episodes for comparison. Say My Name is one of really good episodes of breaking bad, but still we can’t say it was the best. But why I picked that one is I just wanted to see if there is any bad suggestion keywords are coming out of google search or not. If you take a look at the bottom pictures you will be seeing fly episode has some negative suggestion phrases from google. That being said there was a search from different people in some point of time and they were thinking that the fly episode was really not something that is great. Otherwise there wouldn’t be negative suggestions on the search results. In other hand when we look at the Say My Name episode the suggestions are not showing any single negative results. They are all related with positive or informative searches, and its leading you to good results.

My only problem with these negative emails that I have received is I am really sad about so called blind fans. The Fans that will like their character no matter what’s happening.  Even if Walter put his pants down and takes a dump they would cheer and say Damn Man did you see how he took a dump! The fans that are connected to the characters allow nothing can change their mind. They will never be able to judge them because Walter is authority for them and no matter he does he is right. Even though he and Jesse chase a fly whole episode and show us some deeper thoughts that we already know.

Most of the emails that I received were stating that the Fly was one of the BEST episodes!!! I really do know what the meaning of Best is! Best means that there is nothing above it, best means nothing can challenge with it, best means that all of the 62 episodes of show was revolving around fly. Stating that the best episode of Breaking Bad is ignoring how Gustavo Fring lost half of his face and died in that scene, its ignoring how Walter was smart enough to get out of the RV(by making small smoke explosion by throwing some chemicals into the cooking stand) or getting out of Tuco Salamanca’s drug dealing office in one piece after he exploded the building with his meth looking explosive. Stating that the Fly was the best episode of Breaking Bad means that Walter has done that gun mechanism into his trunk for nothing, he was insist to park the car where he wants or feels, and at the end killing everybody in the picture. So this list can go on and on but I would like to stop here with the examples, because I feel no example needed for this show since the Fly is the best episode for Breaking Bad Blind fans!!! I do have respect for every kind of point of view or opinion, but being blind and ignoring and insulting people over a TV Show is really something that is not necessary. But some people really need to take another look at the English dictionary and learn what’s the meaning of BEST! I won’t look at the dictionary to learn what Worst means because it means Breaking Bad Fly Episode period

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