horror moviesHorror movies are one of the top genre in movie industry. Blood, gore, fear, supernatural, murders, accidents, chases are mainly the subject of the horror movies. Some people do really love horror movies while other people can not stand them. Horror movies are also middle high budget movies which requires lots of special effects and lots of make up involved. But what makes this genre special? Why do people like horror movies?

Today I would like to write about horror-slasher movies and I would like to point some facts that why I like this genre. Some people does really not like the genre of horror movies and most of the times they think these movies are sick, creepy or disgusting(disturbing). Before we go that further we need to know something for sure. Before you stream or purchase a ticket for movie or even rent a dvd the thing that you need to realize is the thing that you are about to watch is just a MOVIE. If you know this fact before you start to watch and get rid of your pre-judgement in early stage would help you to focus on the movie in a better way.

In our daily life sick things happen, some people are suffering or get an accident or even getting killed. These are the reality of the life and can happen to any of us at any given time. Just because the movie shows a bloody car accident scene doesn’t necessarily means its disgusting or disturbing. Its just a movie but we still keep in mind that its a fact that can take a place in real life.

Horror movies are the most interesting movies to me. Because of their nature and adrenalin side that they have and knowing you are in safe zone while you are watching them. When I watch a horror movie I really like to be scared, and like to feel that moment without being there on the screen. It puts you in lots of different feelings and emotions at once. Fear, excitement, frustration, curiosity. And in the mean time when I watch horror movies I know that its not something that the character is getting killed as I watch. On its own nature its just a movie and nobody is getting hurt or killed.

Why I do like horror is its not something that I am seeing in daily life. I have never seen a head rolling in front of me without being attached to a body, or never seen a bus goes under water while its occupied with 40 people, a bridge being collapsed within seconds, or a man gets hit by a car. I really don’t want any of you guys think that I am sick minded or whatsoever. Those facts are the only reasons that I am watching horror slasher movies to be able to seeing some interesting scenes without anyone getting hurt. And I am hoping NOT to see any of the facts taking place in real life in front of me or in front of any of us.

Have a peaceful lives everyone.