the wrong mansThe wrong mans is a  comedy drama Tv show from BBC and American online TV provider website Hulu is the co-producer of the show. The show premiered on UK September 24,2013 and US on November 11,2013. The show was written by Mathew Baynton, James Corden and Tom Basden.

I recently have been looking to find a good show to pass some time , and came across with The Wrong Mans. Comedy shows are generally not in my genre and I am definitely not a comedy show fan. But lately I have been seeing commercials about the show and I was torn between watching or not messing with it. But from what I have seen The Wrong Mans doesn’t seem wrong! Its pretty cool comedy drama show based on two co-workers Sam Pinkett ( Mathew Baynton) and Philip Bourne (James Corden).

One of this two partner in crime is a guy who has a luck which has never been seen before type(Mathew Baynton), and the other one is his friend who is craving for any kind of action(James Corden). He pretty much feels himself involved with his friends situation so deeply and trying to take a piece from the pie without knowing whats waiting for him.

And in the other hand Sam(Mathew Baynton) is really having a very strange level of luck. After a hard party night the next morning he is trying to head to work and realizing his bike is stolen, and he starts to walk to work while listening music with his earphones. And a strange accident occurs suddenly even though he has nothing to do with the traffic other than walking towards work. After everything happens so fast he is heading to work once again and the random phone from the road(crime scene) starts to ring and his only mistake would be picking up and answering this phone. Then welcome to one of strangest luck ever.

The show has a dark side of humor and their pitifulness is really worth to see. The happenings takes place so fast and it makes you feel what the heck just happened. It really has lots of moment would make you laugh. Just give it a shot and see how right The Wrong Mans are.