bat kidHumanity can truly be beautiful at times. The need to help others is deeply imbedded in the minds and hearts of so many people. A beaming example of this is the recently well publicized Batkid. If anyone doesn’t already know, the Make a Wish Foundation makes dreams come true for children who are battling terminal illnesses.

On November 15th the Make a Wish Foundation in cooperation with the fantastic city of San Francisco and thousands of volunteers helped 5 year old Miles Scott live out his dream of being Batkid. Batkid’s day started after he got a call from the Mayor of San Francisco aka Gotham City asking him to help rescue a damsel in distress. Batman quicky arrived to escort Batkid to the scene (in a Ferrari decked out to look like the batmobile).The damsel was on the city’s infamous cable car tracks and had been tied to a bomb that the Riddler had attached to her. Not to worry though Batkid was quick to rescue her and just in time before the bomb exploded.  Batkid was then taken to the Union Square where he captured the Riddler. The villain had been apprehended.  Batkid also captured and jailed The Penguin later on that afternoon. Since Batkid handed out so much justice.  The grateful Mayor of “Gotham City” Edwin M. Lee honored Batkid by giving him a key to the city.  A great ending to a remarkable day for Batkid.

This is something in life that people should remember when things get difficult. When there is ugly in the world that makes you want to give up on humanity. The fact that so many people came together out of the kindness of their heart to selflessly enrich this little boy’s already difficult life. It shows you that most of us have a generous and kind heart. Never give up on this.