what does it take to become a bloggerBlogging, it sounds pretty easy. All you are going to need is a blog page either paid domain or free services like Blogger from Google or other services. Especially if you are using blogger you should already know whatever you write it will get indexed pretty fast, and you don’t need to do so much about it, just write it, edit it, find a picture or two and post then you are pretty much done. Then Google will send tons of traffic to your freshly made content. Its all of our imagination and as a dream it sounds pretty amazing.

In a real world things are as not as easy when it comes to blogging. Once you decide that you will blog after today and you will convince yourself to do it pretty much everyday afterwards its getting really challenging. So before you go that further you should stop and ask yourself:  Am I aware of what does it take to become a blogger?

Blogging is not just about opening your dashboard of your website and creating a new post. It really takes serious time period for researching and also enormous timing about marketing your content. If you just write it and leave it alone, pretty much nobody will land in your page. And if nobody will read your content then why should you bother writing it and wasting your time to become blogger. Don’t you already have all those thoughts in your mind? Do you really need to see them in a blog post? Or if you really write for yourself why bothering sitting in front of a keyboard while you can carry a notepad and write it whenever and wherever you want.

If I scale writing content and marketing I would say writing is just about 15-20 percent of the total action. The rest of the time will go for research and promote your content in hundreds of social media and other sources. Its really a hard task to create membership and follow up with all these social media websites.Especially all the social media websites are the same in picture but they have different features and it really requires manual posting. The way tweet looks from twitter and the way facebook post in entirely different in their nature and you should be inserting your posts manually and make sure that you are making your post most effective for specific social media. And also just because you are in a social media does not mean people will start to run towards your blog. It still takes serious of timing building your audience.

And recently building audience is really pretty hard, since you have a new blog and nobody knows about your thoughts or vision yet. Unless you are a celebrity or celebrity fan page don’t expect to get thousands of followers instantly.

But in other hand creating new and unique content and seeing it is getting real followers and this follower base growing organically is really something which gets you excited. I wish it was really easy to create a content and make it reachable to the millions within seconds. All it requires is ambition and patience. Hope everyone gets success in return of their labor.