AccreditationI hope that you all enjoyed and shared the knowledge I imparted from my recent blog entitled: Don’t Waste Your Money on Centura College. I would like to now discuss for you some accreditation facts to save you time money and heartache. The grandest nugget of information that I hope to impart upon people is about Accreditations. For anyone who does not know Accreditation is a process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented. This is IMARATIVE for your school to be accredited. You should ask your school or potential school about their Accreditation status. While I know that Centura College has maintained their Accreditation status certain Online/Trade/and Technical colleges have lost their accreditation status if not for a semester or longer. If you as a student are enrolled in school with a school that has lost their accreditation even for one semester your degree is considered null and void. You would need to retake at YOUR EXPENSE the semester, or year, or even worse YEARS in which your schools Accreditation lapsed.

Colleges, Universities and Schools have different Accredations. I know that Centura College, Miller Motte, and Everest are under the ACCSC Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. While Schools such as Devry and the University of Phoenix are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. INPARATIVE FACT ALERT!!!! Credits are NOT transferable between schools that have different Accreditations.  This means that if you attend school online with Centura College and you have completed 50 credit hours and you want to transfer to a University OR Community College nothing will transfer with you unless they have the same Accrediting Commission. Odds are they will not. The only way to dodge this bullet is to continue in the same school or college until you have obtained that coveted Associates Degree. If you were to attend school at a Community College they most likely will transfer to any University but it is definitely worth a visit or phone call to find out.

Lastly, for those of you who did not take the SAT, didn’t think that you were smart enough for college or just didn’t want to go to school until realizing how tough the real world is. It is never too late for an education. My own mother went to college and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree at the age of 50! She like me started off in a Community College and transferred to a 4 year University. Most Universities will waive the requirements of a fantastic SAT score if you have completed an Associate’s Degree. And if your goals are not quite as high there are sooo many programs out there that do not require 4 years of college yet will yield a high income. Please research and find what options are best for you!