Centura CollegeI am writing this today too hopefully save someone $31,500.00 or more. Yes that is right folks, for the cost of your left arm and both of your legs you too can obtain an Associate’s degree from Centura College or any other private college for that matter.  I am writing this to hopefully keep someone from making such a huge mistake. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON CENTURA COLLEGE or any other PRIVATELY OWNED Career College, Technical College or Trade School. I would like for you to know what I know about these institutions and how I know about this information. My older sister is a former Admissions Representative for Centura College Online and my best friend is a former Admissions Representative for the Miller Motte campus located in Raliegh, NC.

These private educational institutions cater to the poor and under-educated. They seek out the feeble minded and offer them the chance at a better life by means of obtaining a degree in a particular trade. This is why they are often referred to as a Technical or Trade College.  My sister told me that if someone were to Google JobCorp the phone number for Centura College Online would show up and anyone who intended to call JobCorp ended up calling her former employer so that they could then proceed to harass the person on a daily basis sometimes calling them up to 3 times a day in rotating shifts so that the Admissions Representative could remind them about how they are not achieving their full potential and tell them that they could make so much more. The interesting thing is that most of the same potential students also receive calls from companies trying to collect on a debt that is owed so the person ends up ignoring the calls.

Tuition is not cheap at any school. This is true. You are making a decision to invest in your education and thereby investing in your future. The average cost for a credit hour in a Community College is about $140.00-$240.00. Considering that most classes are 3 credit hours you are going to spend $420.00- $720.00 per each class. Now to be eligible to receive financial aid through the Federal Government i.e. the FAFSA (FREE Application for Federal Student Aid) a student must be in school full time which is 12 credit hours. That being stated someone can expect to pay $1,680.00-$2,880.00 per semester at a Community College.

Now at Centura the cost is $525.00 per credit hour. So a single class would cost $1,575.00 and thusly a semester would cost $6,300.00. That’s correct folks it is well over twice the amount that you would pay for a more expensive Community College. Understanding that an Associate’s Degree is 60 credit hours this would equate to around $8,400.00-$14,400.00 for an Associate’s Degree at a Community College. Now let’s consider the cost of an Associate’s Degree for Centura College $525.00 x 60 credit hours comes to $31,500.00.

My sister told me how awful she felt working for this company. She truly felt that she was ruining the lives and futures of many people. People feel as if they don’t have options. One of the biggest problems that the potential students encountered is a lack of transportation. Most of the students who were trying to attend school online were doing so because their car is or was broken, or they never had a car. I AM TELLING YOU TO TAKE A BUS, Carpool, taxi walk or swim there if you have too. Once you have attended classes make friends and arrange for them to pick you up. Pay them what you can afford in gas money so that it is worth their time. FIND A WAY.  The difference in cost of obtaining an education at a Community College versus at a private college like Centura or Miller Motte is around $17,000.00. I don’t imagine I need to illustrate for you how many crappy cars you could buy for that amount.  All you need is one crappy car that will take you back and forth to school. I know that some of you may be telling yourself that because Centura is a Trade school or a Technical school you are learning a specialized trade or skill. Guess what folks Community Colleges offer these as well and there are probably more skills or trades to choose from. I beg everyone who is considering college to learn or pursue a specific skill or trade to check out the earning potential for these skills/trades by the state that you reside in.