facebook slaveryDo you think facebook promotes slavery? Please keep reading and lets see if you will or will not agree with this article after you read. In my previous posts I did mention about “Why I hate facebook” and today I would like to add another perspective on it and try to expand the topic a little bit more.

According to wikipedia the description of Slavery is : A system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work. Before I start to write about this topic I would like to point out that I am not trying to promote anything about slavery or not trying to offend anything or anyone.

In the previous posts about Facebook I have tried to point out how the imposter page owners are manipulating people’s manners and beliefs in order to get more likes to their pages and possibly selling it in the future for a good amount of money. They would use any kind of sickness or religious motive to get your attention and your like. It could be about a soldier who is coming back to US after his duty overseas is being done, or a cancer kid that looks for treatment or anything that you can name of.

And majority of the times I do believe you are seeing posts which states that Facebook will give donations to the cancer kid if you like, share or post comment onto these posts. And almost every time this kid is not getting any donations or whatsoever. Because there wasn’t any donations involved with the situation all along. It was just a made up story to touch your sensitive heart and mission completed! At the end of the day the owner of the page has 50 thousands more likes on his page and his hands are more powerful to sell this page right now. But wait! Will he stop there ? No he wont, why should he ? He just started to realize that he has 50 thousand more soft hearted people in his page which would like anything involved with sickness or weakness. So he will hit your hearts in a couple days with more heart broken stories. So I can really go on and on in this subject but this part is not the part that I wanted to write about today.

Lets take a look at the Facebook side of this dirty games. Facebook should be monitoring its pages for scam,spam, faux news, manipulating, sexual content etc. So dont we think facebook wont see if one pages likes are raising 50 thousand more in one day? Of course they see it, but why they would not take action and stop the page because its releasing wrong and faux announcements especially in facebook’s behalf. Facebook is not making any donations to this poor cancer kid but why they wont penalize the page and take it down and give a lesson to the pages what would result giving wrong information afterwards.

Answer is simple, except the sexual content they pretty much wont stop anything because Facebook likes when the things go viral and gain more users and followers and like to hook everyone up to their website. But in other hands they know if facebook overflow with the sexual content they would really lose critical amount of users and blood. I dont see the parents would allow their kids in the page which has adult content. I am sure they also take down some pages whatever they like to show public : Hey look they didn’t listen us and look what happened type of showtimes. But I dont think so they do care about removing contents which has great amount of followers and likes even if its announcing something wrong or fully lie.

Facebook promotes slavery

As a summary if you are asking How facebook promotes slavery its mentioned in the paragraphs above. The description of slavery was A system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work. And Facebook lets the page owners to have followers even though the content is not presenting the reality and they know better why the page owner would post something like this. The main reason is creating followers and use the page for promote stuff or sell the page to someone else whoever is the highest bidder. At last you are the slaves between page owners,page buyers and Facebook.

Just please be extra careful what and what not to share or like on Facebook.

Have a good day everyone.