cheap hotel ratesIn my first post about how to get cheap hotel rates I did mention some strategies about having your next stay with the reasonable prices.  And before you read this additional information please take a look at my old post and combine them together  to have the best price and set your mind for your next stay. My previous article can be found here>  How to get cheap hotel rates

How to get cheap hotel rates

Today’s post will not be giving more strategies about having cheap rates on hotel choose but will be approaching to the rates and give you another perspective of how to look at the rates. I assume before you started to read this post that you have read the previous article about cheap hotel rates from the link above.

Lets start! My previous post already show how to pull the rate down almost all the way to the 90-100 dollars range and today I will be mentioning additional amenities that we never look at from this angle. When you think about hotel rates actually all you think is Bed,TV and Pool pretty much and this mind-set makes you blind about some other factors. Lets take a look at this factors and try to bring them more up front.

Have you ever thought where will you be finding parking spot when you are heading away for vacation? What about if you need to be online for your business when you are away ? And have you decided yet that what you will be eating for breakfast? I am assuming no, because you were just so blind about thinking how you will be laying down in the bed or swimming in the hotels heated swimming pool. Especially if its winter already that is priceless that if the hotel has heated swimming pool. Right?

Breakfast,parking and internet. Those amenities are kind of always pushed all the way back in the priority list. This is understandable because its your vacation time and you don’t want to feel overwhelmed before even your vacation starts and you just don’t want to over think about everything. And today I will be pointing out some facts about those amenities and how they could easily help you save up in your next trip.

When you decide to make a vacation plans and if you are booking online please make sure that the location you are heading has those amenities complimentary, if not switch your mind and look for closest alternatives because this could really save up so much for you. Parking could cost you anywhere from 7-12 dollars per night, and also internet could cost you 10-15 dollars per day. And lets assume your family has 3 members and the next morning the first thing you would love to do is having breakfast and a family has 3 members could easily cost you 30 dollars just for breakfast.

As we remember from the previous post the price that we could find was around 90 dollars and lets make some math about prices. So 90 dollars room minus 25 dollars breakfast,10 dollars internet and 10 dollars parking (average) would bring the room price all the way down to the 45 dollars and its really reasonable price for a brand hotel. And if you look at the prices from this perspective maybe it would make you feel better because if you didnt research about all those amenities you would end up paying all those prices as addition and it would cost you more than you would imagine.

At last those were not tips or tricks but they were some facts that you should really consider before make any plans. I hope I could make some of your lives easier.

Have a cheap vacations everyone.