American Horror StoryAmerican Horror Story is a drama-horror TV Show produced by  Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. As of now the show has 3 different seasons and each season is different story and timing and they were meant to set as mini series. Each season also has different characters but almost same main casting with some differences and show was designed as beginning,middle and end.
American Horror Story: The first episode takes a place in 2011 and it tells about a story of family who moved from Boston to Los Angeles,they were running away from their old life, which the wife had miscarriage,husband had an affair and they have a teenage girl. The house that they moved in is haunted and they
soon to be realizing that they are about to meet the previous owners of the house.
American Horror Story “Asylum” is the second season of series and it takes a place at year 1964 in a facility where the mentally sick people being held, and the facility is operated by founder, doctors, nuns,psychiatric and sick professor. Behind the closed doors founder of the facility and his team mistreat the sick people and try all kind of sick tests on them.
American Horror Story “Coven” is the 3rd and the current season of the series. The season is taking place in modern day and 1830s. And this season is all about witches, black magic, incest, slavery, murders and super natural events. and in the modern day of the show there is a school which teaches the witches how to be secure in real life and not being discovered by real human being.
I randomly found this show while I was looking something good to watch and I was so sad that I have not heard about this awesome production all along. But actually finding American Horror Story show that late gave me opportunity to see all the series without waiting for them to air. I finished first season within couple days and after the first season ended I found myself so driven to second one right in there. To be honest I could not find the same taste in the second season. The first season really did blow my mind up and afterwards the second fall short behind the first one. I actually like the shows which is taking place in the modern days, maybe that was the reason that I didn’t like the second season as mush as I liked the first one. But I am still not saying that it was bad. Second season is great as well, they are all great. the last season has just started and recently 3rd episode of it was aired and its great from beginning.
If I rate the seasons(mini series) of American Horror Story I would say the first one was flawless. So my rate would be 10/10(as a TV Show), and for the second season(Asylum) my rate would be 7/10. And the last season(Coven) would be 9/10 even though it has not been completed yet and the 3rd episode of the season has aired couple nights ago. hope to see great episodes of the 3rd season and I truly can not wait to see next one.
Have a good day everyone.
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