Android themesI have been using apple products until last year, and I was pretty happy with the results even though I have never tried to jailbreak the system. It was well enough to fulfill my wishes and working fine for me. And I was able to download any kind of applications and and use them in daily basis. Messaging, social media, finance apps, free texting, weather, etc. Last year I have decided to upgrade the device and I was torn between having another IOS or switching to Android.But I ended up upgrading to Android. Today I would like to write about Android themes and styles. This article will not be choosing one over another type. I loved both systems and was able to understand and manage them properly.
Since I have upgraded I have been trying to learn more about androids. Everyday pretty much you learn more about your smart phone and it amazes you. Actually customization of the home screen, theme and widgets also even folders is amazing. I am a visual mind type person and mostly it matters what the things look like when I look at them. Some people would care about content but mostly I care about visual side. I never used pre-made themes before, which I believe I never would use them at all. Everyone has different tastes and I want to create my own taste. In order to make beautiful or personal themes first I would find a picture which which applies to my interest, and then I would find the widgets and plug-ins for the android and bundle them all together to make a perfect theme for myself. Most of the times the pictures that I choose would be dark and gloomy ones and from there I would start to create my own theme. And at the end it would come up a theme that I would using it without changing it whole year.
While I was searching about android screens and themes I came across with a website which puts lots of quality looking themes and background pictures together and bundles them up with all sort of cool widgets and the quality is really great. The name of the website is my color screen. From what I know of in the androids you are not able to download that themes fully from this website but with the website you would be able to seeing what was used to create that individual look and you would gather the tools together and create your same exact looking theme. I have not tried any of the themes from there since I really am liking my own theme that I created, but if I get tired of my theme one day I would definitely visit there to get some ideas and try to apply them into my phone. Hope to see everyone in future posts. Have a good day.