How to find cheap hotel ratesHow to get cheap hotel rates. Today I would like to write about hotels and rates. There are lots of different hotel brands and locations and they mainly serve for different reasons. Some hotels may just focus on conferences and business trips and some of them just mainly serve for leisure category. And it also depends what is the location of the hotel. Most of the times city hotels are serving for business world and its hard to see families, but in other hand you can still see business people around in the location which mainly serves for leisure.

And in this industry there is always high and low season for majority of the locations. City hotels may be booked fully in the winter time but there would not be so much people in this hotels in summer time, or vice versa oceanfront hotel can pull full house in the summer time but during winter there may not be so much action to satisfy the business. Today’s topic will be using the least important timing period of the hotels and take advantage from the situation of lower the prices.

As I stated above almost every hotel has low season and sometimes low season doesn’t necessarily means tough winter. ¬†Some locations all around the world has very warm autumns and perfect weather condition outside to enjoy your time. If you are planning on vacation there are some keys for getting better prices. And you should be using these keys for success.

Key number one: If possible try not to take your vacation time in very high season. The weather will be still good outside in late September and middle October, or late April and middle of May. If you are planning on making a sea summer sand type vacation make sure your dates are not going to be in the middle of July! I know July sounds so good but you are here to read how to get cheap hotel rates! Not how would I enjoy my July in oceanside!

Key number two: Almost every brand hotel has enrollment for clubs or rewards program. And signing up for this programs can get you lower rates or even sometimes free nights. If the hotel that you have stayed previously asks you that if you want to enroll their program instead of saying them NO! please ask them if its free or not! Most people thinks this programs are going to cost them , no its not necessarily true!!!

Key number three: Do not make your reservations through 3rd party services unless you are a group with tons of people. Groups can get really good deals but we are talking about individual vacations here. If you are local or if you are in that area for another reason for that day make sure to call the hotel first to find out how many vacancies for that night. Most of the time they may not release their numbers but if you mention the word of group they may tell you if its going to work with that much people or not so you can figure it out from there that how many vacancies they have for that specific night. Then 10-15 mins later show up in their door and ask for vacancies and ask for price. Probably they will tell you the full price but guess what? You know how many vacancies they have and they would not want you to walk away and they would want to have you right in there. And then tell them that you did not like the price or you can not afford it and try to have them to give you loyal guest rate. In off season regular prices may vary 130-150 dollars per night but loyalty rates would be as low as 90 dollars. So convince them to have you with that price. 40-60 dollars savings is a big deal and interestingly you have just become a loyal guest for a hotel that you have never been before!

Key number four: You should know at least one friend who works in tourism industry. And this friend can get you really low price room through friends and family rates. This rates are as low as 80-90 dollars and they can provide you document via e-mail. All you need to do is make your reservation with the code of friends and family and bring that paperwork which your friend provided for you.

The things that I mentioned above is valid for chain brands and big hotels. Of course there is always another options for cheap stay as long as if you are willing to lower your expectations and you are heading to the motels or local brands. But if you want to stay in a quality place with low prices you should consider the facts above and go for it. Thank you for reading How to get cheap hotel rates post. I will be giving another sources in the close future about hotels,amenities or prices. Have a nice vacation everyone.

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