Why I hate FacebookFacebook is one of the biggest online social network with 1.26 billion registered users. The websites was launched early 2004 and since then it has been growing inevitably. The idea was behind of Facebook is that the mates could find each other on the network and be interactive. Facebook has tons of features already and its developers keeps working to develop more features in daily basis.

In its early years and days it was just a social network where people can find each other and contact with them via posting, commenting or messaging.  Then it has started to build applications and things get more complicated but powerful. Then there is the pages where people can create and be connected with their audience instead of using it as a person profile. The pages would give us more flexibility to reach our users and followers also known as Fans.

Then this pages showed that there was a potential to make money or selling goodies or maybe even build up the pages well enough with tons of people and sell the page itself. The magic behind of pages was not hidden so people start to manipulate the opportunity and make money off of it by using its users. Also another sad part is nowadays people really like to share and spread the word without checking it up if its a faux news or not. And words or posts goes beyond and spreading out so fast this is actually what page owners wants.

First this manipulation has started with people(admins) started to write the things and try to get more Facebook Likes. They tried pretty much everything to touch peoples believes,  motives,  manners, political views and afterwards they seemed it was still not enough profit for them and they have started to manipulate and use people’s sickness or weaknesses. Then we started to see these type of posts : “Every like for this picture will get 1 dollar donation for this one year old cancer kid from Facebook”. Facebook of course would make some donations to the charities or organizations in regular basis. But this donations has nothing to do with this one year old cancer kid will get any help from Facebook. Its just the game of the admin of the page and he/she is promoting his page by using peoples weak sides. In some cases the kid on the picture is not even cancer. The kid maybe just have some sort of disease or sickness and they would write a very good caption for this photo and make it look like the kid is in need of Facebook’s help. And guess what? The only way of helping this kid is liking this admins Page which has nothing to do with the actual sick kid. And maybe months maybe years later you would see this page in some kind of forums and the admin would be stating following statement : Facebook page for sale with 200.000 fans, they are all organic!!!  Organic ? Did you guys start to feel yourself that you are a single tomato in the shelf of grocery store ? Because the admin of the page you liked is just selling you to other people and making money off of you. And your only fault was that you thought the poor kid needed your like and help!!!

This post was going to be about Why I hate Facebook and actually it kind of have been. I am using Facebook in regular basis as well but seeing this kind of pages is really making me sad, not seeing the page it exists, just seeing the page it has followers and blind believers. And they would like anything and everything without knowing that the admin of the page is clown and Facebook itself is not sending any single cents to this poor kid!

In my future posts I will be making another Facebook based articles and I will point out the things with pictures, and numbers so maybe whoever reads this article would get some hints about how Facebook page owners works.

***Also I would like to note that there are admins who have quality content and are not playing games and I would not want them to get offended!

Happy Facebooking everyone…

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