Breaking Bad FlyBreaking Bad is the American TV Show based on a high school chemistry teacher named Walter White(Bryan Cranston) who has lung cancer and ended up cooking crystal meth for his treatment and leave something behind for his family before he dies. In this illegal way of living he will be facing with lots of crime,killing and action. Breaking Bad has started at 2008 and it has total 5 seasons and total of 62 episodes. The final episode aired September 29th 2013.  And overall it was a great show, since it was one of the greatest TV show for all the times.

I was convinced by my friends to watch Breaking Bad even though the idea behind it was involved with drug making and selling that I would not be interested in watching or seeing by any means. But then I decided to take a peek since there was that much people who watches and enjoys it. I would say it was really one of the greatest shows that I have ever watched. But I am not here to tell you how great show it was. I would like to point out some things about this show and I would like to say how it could have been done in total of 50 episodes most. So I really mean it, Breaking Bad has total of 62 episodes but it could have been done in 50 episodes easily. Lets see how : First of all we as “Authicle” stated in our first post that we would be writing about our point of views, what I am trying to point here is I am not a director or writer or producer by any means, I will just be writing the things from my angle that what would be the best for me to watch in Breaking Bad. 

As the show was going I started to be more interested in, but it did not take so long for me to realize the show is repeating the things and taking it very slow to develop. Which I would call it as time waster or time stealer. Let me give some examples : The camera is zoomed to the ashtray and Walter White is in the background and he is blurry. Now there is two things in my mind, number one : If there is something in the ashtray that the director wanted us to see, or number two Walter White is standing in front of the refrigerator and about to open it up and will grab something out of it and then will be eating or drinking something and will get poisoned by it. This scene is taking around 30 seconds and guess whats happening ? Nothing !!! He just grabs a milk bottle and drinks some milk out of it and nothing happens. I mean really ?  Another example : Meth dealer Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz) all I remembered about him was him sniffing drugs through his nose and jumps for millions times and yells around. And this action took place looooots of times. I was really irritated by this scene seeing him just sniffing stuff and gets crazy. So let me be more specific : If I wanted to see a man who is drinking milk in front of refrigerator I would easily place a camera to my kitchen and do the exact same thing and watch myself afterwards. Or if I was using drugs I would sniff some stuff and look at myself in front of the mirror and just repeat Tuco to see how this action would be taking place in real life. And here I will not even talk about the pool and pink teddy bear sceneseseseseses!!!

As a summary until here : when you hear a great show your expectations are higher and greater. And seeing someone drinking milk is not satisfying you at all.

Now its time to talk about Breaking Bad Fly Worst Episode. I can hear some voices that whispers that I am whining here, no I am not! I am a fan of this show as well I think it was really one of the great show but that does not mean that I should not be judging it since I was investing my time on it to watch and catch episodes and ending up realizing that I waited that long to see that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) will chase a fly in never ending circle and I was going to just see how they are trying to catch it. This episode was the episode that I was either going to stop watching or continue and finish the show. I hardly motivated myself to go through this and watched it. Some people says it was a great episode and Walter was judging himself and his thoughts and he was maybe so open and honest with himself in this episode. For me it was just that simple to explain this episode : Waste of time!!! From my point of view I would say this so easy : “Skip season 3 episode 10 and you wont be missing anything about Breaking Bad!” 

So as I stated before if you take out all these repeats and unnecessary parts out of the show that would be fully packed, greatest, and every single second of it would be full of excitement and they would be ending up finishing the whole show within 50 episodes instead of 62. I can estimate that this industry is not all about satisfying its audience.

As last but not least If I would rate this TV show it would be definitely 8/10. After all it really connects you to screen and making you wonder to see Whats Next?

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