Welcome to Authicle

Welcome to Authicle

Welcome to everyone whoever comes across with Authicle and its posts. I would like to talk about Authicle in first post of this blog.  Authicle is an idea of  writing about everything and anything from the point of view of us. This blog will aim to write daily at least one post and will try to grow our community. There will be point of view to the events and also informative articles as well.  As always first blog and first post is very hard to start with but i believe as this blog progress you will be seeing more content and the topics and categories will expand.Welcome to Authicle you all.

I will be mainly writing about my thoughts and  point of view under the username of BadGrammer. First i would like to do apologize from all our community that they will be seeing hard to read posts from the user of BadGrammer. Its not a style, its just the way I speak and write in daily life. The reason behind of this is not missing education or being lazy, I was born and raised in different language and country and this is really the best that I can do as of now. And I beg your pardon and understanding from advance.

The goal for Authicle in short term is writing multiple posts per day from now on and by the time being expect our community to participate with their comments and thoughts. We do really need your comments and thoughts in order to grow our community. Now and in the near future and will always be open for suggestions.

As of beginning there will be different categories and articles in the blog and we are hoping that it would catch your interests and we would be in interaction with our readers. I hope I could give enough tips about our blog and looking forward to connect with you guys in my next posts. Thank you for taking time and reading this, have a great day everyone!